About us

Today, more than thirty people work in the three main business lines of Avalon Car(e) Services Kft.: Avalon Rent a Care, Avalon Bosch Car Service and Avalon CareSharing. In 1999, two friends launched a new business based on the idea of car renting. Utilising their fourteen years’ experience, today our company co-ordinates more than a hundred car rents daily, weekly and monthly. We are happy to welcome Hungarian and foreign corporations and private individuals as our customers. Our services have been continuously developed to suit their needs and in order to increase customer satisfaction. As part of the development process our car service was opened in 2003; originally to ensure that our vehicles are in perfect condition. Since then we have joined the Bosch Car Service network and offer services to all customers in compliance with their international regulations.

The first steps in our CareSharing business line - which serves individual users under the name ‘CareSharing community car” - were taken in 2011. The service reinterprets mobility and the freedom of using a car, with which Avalon provides the possibility of personalized community transportation.

CareSharing provides solutions for planned travels. The advantage of the system is that the user only pays for the used time and distance. By this they are exempted from maintenance fees of an own car, the service costs, parking problems and don’t have to pay attention to the price of gas, as our company pays for it.

In order to spread CareSharing there is a need for a fundamental change in attitude. Not only in the culture of transportation but in our heads also. In todays economical circumstances, and to create a more livable environment and culture, giving up the idea of owning a car at “any price” has to be learned. Then and there should be a car when and where it is needed. In this process it is already a great achievement if we get rid of the 2. or 3. car.

Our company commits itself to environmental protection by this innovative, new service. Thus harmful emission and parking problems will lessen in the long run. International examples suggest that in the major cities the air is clearer thanks to the use of carsharing, and also the traffic problems decreased significantly.

We live for CareSharing, this is our passion, and we are doing our best to introduce the service as widespread as we can.