The CareSharing service offers you an innovative solution in Hungary, if you need a car for only a few hours, because:

  • you do not have a car and you do not want any unnecessary expenses
  • your car is in for service and you did not receive a replacement
  • you need a car for major shopping
  • you need a car to move house
  • you need to pick up an acquaintance at the airport and then show them the city
  • you need to take your child or grandchild to sports training or to extra classes
  • you are an entrepreneur and wish to undertake daily, city-centre deliveries more comfortably and cheaply, without daily parking charges

CareSharing is more flexible than a traditional car rental and cheaper than the costs of using your own car.

You can unlock the booked vehicle with a smart card and your personal code and drive away. You will always have a clean vehicle in perfect technical condition. You can use the Avalon CareSharing service following registration through our website and after entering into contract with us at our customer service office (address: Budapest, VI. ker., Paulay Ede u. 20). Our online booking system is available, and our operator colleagues can take your bookings and answer your questions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit our website and see the applicable menu point to learn more about the fees and charges applicable to private customers, our General Contracting Terms and Conditions and the vehicle categories available.

Just plan your day and let us supply the car to suit.


We design and tailor our services to satisfy the requirements of our corporate customers, depending on the number, category and estimated use of the available vehicles.

A corporate fleet and its servicing, or its reduction or expansion, involves complex decision-making and a daily struggle to optimise expenditure. Our argument: you should not invest in a fleet because on average you only use one-third of the capacity of a vehicle.

Apply the benefits of CareSharing and use as many vehicles in as many places as you actually need!

We visit all our corporate customers to assess their needs; to build them an ideal service package.

Please contact us for an appointment, and we’ll call you back!