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    If you are interested in our service, fill out the application form and wait for our colleague's call to get more details.
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    All of our registrated Carsharing partners can easly book the wanted vehicle on carsharing.hu. It is only few easy steps with internet connection either you have a pc, a tablet or a smartphone. If you have any questions, you can find every single details in our „User’s Guide” or call our operators on +36-1-700-4444 and they will help you to make your reservation.
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    You can easily unlock the car by contacting your Carsharing card with the RFID point of the window. You are able to unlock only your reserved car with your card. You must answer all the questions on the board-unit and open the glove compartment for the car keys.
    Don’t forget to check the technical condition of the vechicle! If you find any damages, please mark it on the damage log (you can find it in the glove compartment).
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    We make efforts to give you a great experience during your travel: our cars are clean, well-groomed, new and comfortable. In our Carsharing system you have to pay only for time and distance – we are responsible for everyting else. There is not addictional charge for fuel – but if the fuel-indicator is low, you have to get more at the gas station with the fuel-card. If you leave the car any time before the end of the reservation, please take the keys and lock the car.
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    In the end of the reservation you have to take it back to the pickup point. When you arrived, you will get a few checking questions from the on-board computer. Answer them and take the keys back to the glove compartment. Leave the car, lock the car with the smartcard by contacting to the RFID point of the window. Please take care of not pushing the central lock button during you put the keys back.
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