How does it work

It is very simple to join our system after pre-registration (available on our website): if you visit our office and finalise your registration in person, you will become a fully registered user of the CarSharing system, with access to vehicles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After we have verified your personal data, we issue you an individual electronic identity card (chip card) which will be your personal PubliCare chip card. 


Each registered PubliCare user can book the required vehicle very simply by accessing It is a simple transaction which can be performed through an online connection from a computer, a smart phone or a tablet, and you can book a vehicle even for as little as one hour. If you have any questions, read our user guide which covers all the details, or call us at 0617004444, we will be happy to help you and make your booking.

Getting ready to drive

Touch your PubliCare card received during registration to the detecting sensor on the windscreen of the vehicle and the car will automatically release its central locking. Only a booked vehicle can be opened with the card. Answer the questions on the onboard unit installed in the car and then start the vehicle with the ignition key; which you will find in the glove compartment.

Do not forget that you must check the condition of the vehicle in terms of cleanliness, damage or any other problem.


We intend to turn your trip into an experience and our vehicles are clean, new, comfortable, well-maintained and satisfy your demands. In the PubliCare system, you will be billed on the basis of time and distance; and we cover every other cost. There is no additional fuel cost, but if the fuel level is low, you will need to fill the car by with the help of the fuel card to be found in the glove compartment. If you leave the vehicle at any time during - but before the end of - your booking period, use the key to lock the car and then take it with you.

RETURNing the car

At the end of your booked period you must return the booked vehicle and park it in the place from which you collected it: having reached your starting point and stopped the car, the onboard computer will ask you a few control questions.

Answer the questions and then put the key back into the glove compartment. Then get out of the car, and then lock it by touching the smart card to the sensor on the front windscreen. Please, make sure that you do not press the central locking button while returning the key to the glove compartment.